Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ex FITM-er : Carmen


The final member of CCS, Carmen! Also known as my cousin there, since she shared the same surname as me. Well, the pronunciation at least. Since not many people shares the same surname as me. =)

Carmen with Vo San (potential candidate to be featured here XD)

By far the closest person I'm with among the three girls, Carmen's also the third girl I know who's named, well, Carmen. =X

Though rather shy in both appearance and attitude, she's one of the brains in the class. The other brain is Wee Jay, whom I'll be featuring soon.

U dunno? Come I teach~

Like us, she loves sweets too. Choki Choki~ =D

DIE WEE JAY!! *bang bang* *Carmen dies*

She's also one of the first few classmates of mine that I went with to a trip. Where to? Sabah! And we stayed at Crystal's house. =D Due to requests from Crystal, I won't include her pics.

Nice scenery! *snaps*

VO SAN IS GAY !! No not I write de =X

Sunburned badly T.T

I need shades! Because I'm a sunburned candle princess =D


Currently she and Kumaran are the only ones pursuing BIS degrees. Our classes don't clash much either, but at least we're still i nthe same college. =D

A rather dramatic pic, if not for the person who 'fainted' on the right side of the pic. =X


ATTENTION Ex-FITMers and everybody else reading this, by now you should have noticed that the only people left to be featured is Sung Ho and Wee Jay. To spice things up a bit, I'm gonna let you guys decide who to be featured next. If you're reading this, kindly 'vote' by leaving a msg on the chatbox stating who you wanna see featured next. You may remain anonymous if you want. =) But please, don't spam.

Will Sung Ho be featured next? Or will it be Wee Jay? YOU decide. =D


Friday, March 27, 2009

Ex FITM-er : Sarah


Due to some unavoidable reasons, I'm not going to post about Crystal, but instead I'm gonna jump over to the next person. Sarah Tan! =D

Sarah's among the only three girls available in class that would otherwise be occupied with glasses and side-combed hairs (and perhaps hormonally-challenged), nerdy guys. This sentence doesn't feel right. =X

Among the three girls in class, she's perhaps the most vocal among all. Usually the speaker of her group, she could, from time-to-time, zha people without mercy. She used to talk REALLY alot (with occasional accompanying squeals in the past), but now she's much quieter.

Sorry I don't have much pics of her here. =/

To make it up.. I make Yu Liang and Kumaran pay for u k?


Next up, Carmen Hooh! She's kinda like my cousin there. =D


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ex FITM-er : Yu Liang


In order for Sunway University College to earn more money, we must..

Liang oh Liang, now it's your turn. =D


Why would I say that he's the first to be surprised by Kumaran, you would ask? Well, he's the first person (at least in FITM) to be surprised when Kumaran talked to him in Mandarin. So yeah, that's pretty much all of it. =)

Eeh? O.o

Sho emo =X

Chew Yu Liang, who shares the same surname as my dearest mummy, happens to be one of the first friends I'm close with when I was in Semester 1 too. Needless to say, he's a real friendly guy, though he occasionally 'zha' people without caring whether he's a lecturer or a student. He's like a brother to me, with characteristics and experiences kinda like mine.

Pink! <3

He also stays nearby my house, so he was hitching a ride home from me almost everyday after class. Now that we're in degree already, our schedules are different. And thus, I mostly go back alone nowadays. T.T

The best sleeping pose ever =D I mean it.

You see, I was the prince that gave Snow White the kiss.. =]

Crystal, you're next! I'm ruffling a dangerous feather here. =X


Monday, March 23, 2009

Ex FITM-er : Kumaran


Featuring the next Ex FITM-er, our class macha Kumaran. =D

At the very beginning, he surprised us all with his ability to speak Mandarin. Who would have thought that this rather burly Indian guy could speak in a language that even I, as a Chinese, am not fluent in? There sure are lots of Indians nowadays that could speak fluently in Mandarin.. and I'm so embarrassed. =X

Kumaran's a really friendly guy who talks to just almost anyone. Though we do have a little trouble understanding him sometimes (prolly cuz he always talks Mandarin with me =X), he's still a very good friend around. He could be annoying sometimes too, but hey, he's just trying to make someone else's day with his style. Love it or loathe it, it should be appreciated. =)

He loves to say "Chi sze la ni! (Go die la you)" just almost anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

He loves to pose with girls. I think he's got 12 girlfriends to date too? I lost count. XD

He loves to pose with guys.

He occasionally loves to pose with me.

He tend to be real funny at times too.

Konon lah studying.

Last year, I went to stay with him in his home at Johor. I've had one week's worth of Indian foods there, and while I do like them a lot, it has been a little too much. =]

He's one of my closest friend around in the college, and it's unlikely that we're gonna lose contact anytime soon. I want more Indian foods!! Oh, and he's my partner in getting lots and lots of sweets to eat in class too. =D

Even his dog gets the treat. =D

The next person I'm gonna feature is the first guy he surprised in college.. Yu Liang. =)

*bout 3 pics are missing due to uploading error. Will upload the pics again soon*


Pic uploaded =D


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ex FITM-er : Yueh Han


You didn't BEG me enough Han. Now you're gonna pay. >=] *muahahaha ebil me*

Kinda like Ju, I don't talk much with Yueh Han too when I was in Semester 1. He's closer to Ju at that time, and since I'm not close to Ju yet, so I'm not close to Han yet either. Now closer la of course. =D

He's a friendly person no doubt, though he's quite camera-shy. I do have troubles getting good pictures of him too, so don't blame me ya for the shortage of pics. It must be posted no matter what. =P

He's very recognisable with the dark blue sweater that he carries around always. I'm just posing here (though I phailed =X) with his sweater.

Sometimes he don't wear it..

Han appears to be very shy..


But he looks best in group pics. =D

His pics proves my point. I'm a bit dissapointed cuz dun have much *ahem* weird pic of his. =]

You're just lucky, Han. I shall get you next time. Muahahahah~ >=D

Could you guess who's next?


Our macha Kumaran! Coming soon. =)