Saturday, May 1, 2010

Badminton and only 2 hours of work


Just after class yesterday, my classmates and me went for badminton in USJ19. We would usually have it in the 3k sports complex nearby our college, but we tried the place nearby my house for a change.

RM12 per hour for rubber courts. Ain't it cheap? =] The only problem is that the place is quite some distance away from college, though.

Anyways, had quite a good time there. Managed to play good games most of the times. Yeap, I'm still this -close- to beating Chai. I must admit, he's good. But there will be a time when I'll defeat him. For sure! Chai this is war >=]

As usual, after badminton I would rush for work at college. Since the badminton court's nearby my house, I figured that I would take a bath at home first. But by the time I reach the workplace, it's already almost 6. And my work's supposed to start at 4 ==

To make matters worse, I forgot to bring my laptop's charger. And it's running at only 40% of it's battery life! I'll be dead bored at work if my laptop goes kaput. In which, it -did- went kaput soon enough.. Upon seeing my laptop went dead, Mr Almanzo told me I could sign off early and go.

I was like, "It's just 8.10pm! Work's supposed to end an hour later at 9!"

He was like, "Aiya nvm la, I also tired. Most students will be away for the college's cultural night, and I don't think anyone's gonna come anyway"

And I did went home. It was the first time I left work so early =]