Sunday, March 28, 2010

Roti canai for dinner


I've been a very good boy for the past two weeks now, saving money and eating roti canai for dinner. Now that I'm using my own money for most things (including food, petrol, season parking, yamcha, etc), I'm starting to realise how important money is especially when you don't want to depend on your parents. Not that I never realised it before, but I never really felt the pinch until now.

For a start, I tried refusing yamcha sessions sometimes. Even If I did, I would just tag along, but keep ordering to the minimal. I even gave up dinners on those RM5+ meals to settle on roti canai and a teh o ais which would cost me less than RM3.

The trick to keep yourself full with that? Flood your roti canai with the curry and dhal and whatever nice gravy they provide, so it would be more filling. Works for me. =]

The only drawback here is, my body ain't getting enough nutrients. I'm in danger of getting much thinner (not like I'm thin enough already)! Darn it.

Actually I can't do much either. I'm stuck with this diet until I receive my next salary. Mr. Daniel oh please give me my salary alreadyyyy =(


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Remember when you drive..


Remember the moments when you sat down at your car porch, staring at the cars owned by your daddy, mummy, brothers or sisters? Remember how much you wished to be old enough so that you can drive away on those cars? Legally of course.

And then, you finally got old enough to obtain a license.

Remember the moments you spent training your driving skills under the watchful eyes of your driving instructor? Remember how close you came to bang the driving cones, sped/reversed off the slope, and possibly failing your driving test?

And then, you finally got yourself the legal P driving license.

Remember the moments that after obtaining the driving license, you got nagged by your parents/siblings/friends over your too slow/too fast/too reckless driving skill? Remember how happy you got finally being able to drive out to your friends' houses and to other places? Remember how generous you got to be offering a free ride home to just almost anyone?

And then, your probational license can finally be taken out.

Remember how glad you got knowing that you can safely drive other cars without P stickers on it without getting caught by the police? Remember how you looked at other sporty Lamborghini Ferrari cars and said you will own them by a certain age?

Oh, the excitements.

Right now I'm just plain lazy to drive out. And yeah, Ju Keat agrees with me too. Do you? xD


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Waiting for class to start


Am in Wee Jay's apartment now. Have nothing to do, for the next hour til class starts. Bored ==

Earlier before I came here, I met Melissa's mum and then Isaac too. Sat there and had quite a chat with him, found out that there were few others of his batch joining Sunway too.

And hey, I think I remeber who's the girl I met the other day. Remeber the kinda pretty girl I mentioned in the previous post? I think it's Wai Ling. lol. Don't think any of you know her though. But she sure had grown from the last time I saw her.

And in case you're reading, no I didn't forget who you are. I just doubted if that was you ;P


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Random encounter


Today, while walking towards the nearby food court for lunch, one girl (quite pretty actually =P) came up to me and said

"Hey Jason!!"

"o_o hihi~"

"Long time no see ya.."

"Yea lu.. how long d ar?"

"Quite long lor.. bout a year or so gua.."

"Oo.. yea hor.. quite long d.."

"Yea.. where you going?"

"Lunchtime. Cya later alrite?"

"K. Bye!" *walks off*


*who's she?* ==


Monday, March 22, 2010

First day of semester 4


You know.. semester 4 classes finally started today. And the 6 subjects' names are quite catchy too.

Discrete Mathematics
Expert Systems: Implementation
Project Management 2
Web Programming 1
Object Oriented Programming
Communication Skills

What to do.. Year 2 d ma =/ Other courses do have rather interesting subject names too, such as Quantitative Techniques, Mobile Networking, Digital Electronics, Introduction to 3D Modelling, and Game Design and Development, among others. Yes, GAMES!!

And I'm stuck with programming all the way from now on. T_T


Anyways, class started today with Web Programming 1, and we're assigned to a (rather) new Korean lady lecturer. No offense but as expected, it was pretty difficult to understand her. Can't help it since English isn't her first language. Oh well.

Oh, and I met this kinda cute girl in the hostel while working on Friday. Hee~ =P


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Class starting tomorrow


Degree semester 4 is starting tomorrow!

But I'm still in the holiday mood.. =(


Friday, March 19, 2010

Pangkor revisited


Hello! Just came back from Pangkor with my college mates. The place hasn't changed much apart from renovation works on the town, but everything else pretty much shaped up like how I remembered it to be.

A one-star hotel, but the hospitality there is very good. The hotel owner also drove us around a bit, and the people there are friendly. If you don't mind the one-star status, why not go there? ;D

More pics at my Facebook profile. Toodles!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pee or poo first?


Just recently, Andrew asked me something totally random during our work time. "Do you pee or poo first?"

According to him, its dependent on the gender. Guys usually poo before they pee, and girls the opposite; they pee before they poo.

Won't the situation vary everytime you go to the toilet? It can be either way right? Tell me whaddya think. =]


Friday, March 12, 2010



How many of you went through the experience of having petsiblings (or korkor jiejie muimui didi abang kakak angkat) before? And how many of you retained (or will retain) that relationship until the times after you leave school life into college life, or when you started working?

Being one myself, I do have my own share of experiences. But from time to time, I do ask myself, "Why do I wanna have petsisters?".

Some may say, 'having' petsiblings are the then-trend. Say says petsiblings are just replacements for single people who don't have girlfriends or boyfriends yet. Some do it just for fun.

Personally, I (tend to) want younger petsisters because I don't have a muimui at home. I don't deny that the truth of the factors mentioned above, but perhaps this was really why I started having them in the first place. I do have older petsisters, and since they are away most of the time, I miss them lots.

My petsisters are mostly my juniors in the school, mostly made up of random close chit-chats overnight. Starting this relationship is one thing, and maintaining them is the, well, hard (?) part. Much like those bf/gf relationships most of you have already heard of, to me, having petsisters are like having additional members in the family. Of course, young, naive kids like us always misinterpret and have misunderstanding on this relationship with each other. I tried to keep us close together, but I often messed up the way (come on, I may not be that mature after all).

You know.. whether I call you petsis, muimui, baka, whatever it is, I love you all to bits. Whatever terms we refer to each other, you all are like my own sisters. This isn't the kind of bonds you should easily call it quits just like how bf/gf could.

However, just recently, the muimui that I had been very close with for the past few years, told me that "I can't bring myself to call you korkor anymore". I knew she would say this someday, looking at how she'd changed after she left high school into collegehood. She seemed so happy with her life now in which I guess, as a friend, I should be supporting her. Right? I'm still a lil sad that she will think this way, though.

Of course, not everyone thinks like I do. I've had numerous such 'petsisters', but only few of them still calls me their 'korkor'. I don't know why but everytime I hear them call me 'korkor', my day is instantly lit up. A smile decorates my faces immediately.

I don't know how long will this relationship last, but I hope the memories will be kept. No one says we cannot have bf/gf with petsiblings though.

Dear baka, I love you all! You know who you are. =)


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

After 2 months..


After 2 months, you finally opened a conversation window to me. But I know, we won't be able to talk like how we used to anymore.

Or can we?


Monday, March 8, 2010

Ipoh overnite trip


Hey yo! I'm back. Anyone noticed?

The holidays are back again! Since we just went through a short semester, this break's gonna be for 2 short weeks as well. Just came back from an overnight trip to Ipoh last night with Annie, Ju Keat, Andrew and Edric (the driver XD). We pretty much stuffed ourselves with food throughout the whole trip, though Annie didn't really get to show us to all the places she wanted. Our stomachs just couldn't take it anymore. XD

Now that the holidays are here, I'm gonna have to think bout what I can do (and should do) again.. hopefully they are beneficial. Oh! I still have a few more episodes of Dragonball Z to go. Hee~

Our stock to keep awake while driving there

The range of foods available in one local coffee shop (nice~)

Hakka mee which I confused with Hokkien mee

And if we're not eating? Playing cards!

For more pics just have a look in my facebook profile..There were still lots of food pics which I forgot to take ==

2 months after it happened, I still can't exactly tell if I've completely gotten over her. Sure I've stopped thinking bout it, but at times the moments we had still popped out out of nowhere. The good thing is, I'm not as upset anymore. All I wanted is just to really be wanted. Right now, I just couldn't bring myself to say "I'm happy to be single"

Deep inside I'm still searching.