Saturday, August 30, 2008

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Here goes~

Name 20 people randomly. At the end of the survey, choose 5 people to do the survey. Don't read the questions but name the 20 people first

1. Michelle
2. Cindy
3. Chong
4. Praveen
5. Joshua
6. Alwyn
7. Jun Yen
8. Jere
9. Ju Vin
10. Caren
11. Ying Ling
12. Jeevan
13. Yu Liang
14. Edward
15. Kumaran
16. Carmen
17. Sarah
18. Melissa
19. Su Ann
20. Ali

1.How did you meet number 18?
In tuition when in Form 1.

2. What will happen if you have not met number 17?
I never know she exists then. lol

3. What if number 9 and 20 dated?
Possible. XD *hides*

4. What if number 5 and 10 dated?
I don't know.. That would be weird. Or maybe not. =/

5. Describe number 1.
She's a baka. Plain simple. =P

6. Do you think number 8 is attractive?
Not bad gua.. Got girls like him wor. Better than me.

7. Describe number 7-
At home play DotA everyday oso exam so geng.

8. Do you know any family members of 12?
If see before count ma?

9. What languages do number 15 speak?
English, bm, tamil.. even CHINESE

10. Who is number 9 hanging out with?
This guy by the name of elton.. =P

11. How old is number 16 this year?

12. Who's number 2 favourite singer?
i duno~

13. When is the last time you spoke to number 13?

14. Have you ever dated number 4?
Lu gila ah?

15. Would you ever date number 19?
She's my Sister in Christ.. Dunno? lol

16. Is number 3 single?
Recently engaged~

17. What is number 10 last name?
Not too close with her yet, not sure.. >.>

18. Would you be in a relationship with number 11?

19. What is the school of number 13?
Same class with me o..

20. Where does number 6 stay?
Putra Heights

21. What is your favourite thing about number 5?

22. Have you ever seen number 14 naked?
No -.-

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Su Ann, Ju Vin, Sarah, Yu Liang, Caren =]

Wednesday, August 27, 2008



I'm sitting right in front of a computer right now typing this post as my teacher randomly picks on students to answer her barrage of questions. I'm just so hoping she won't point at m..

Ah dang she just picked me. =.=

"Balance in principle of design consists of symmetrical and asymmetrical balance."

Wee I'm correct~ XD

Now she's still picking other students. I could see them sweating and trembling in fear, praying deep inside "Please don't pick me!" And I'm here laughing with my turn over. Muahahahah~ >=D

We'll be going home in another 15mins. Can't wait! Am tired already with class starting since 8.30.

Toodles~ =)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Birthday parties 'against Islam'


Is it just me or NST online hates me? I can never seem to find the article I wanted to post here. =.=

Anyway, as reported by NST yesterday, some top ulamas argued that having birthday parties, celebrations or any forms of anniversaries are against the teachings of Islam. Reason?

"That would make Muslims like the followers of others faiths such as Jews and Christians. They should just thank God if their children is healthy or if their married life is stable and happy."



Thursday, August 21, 2008

Malaysia bans Avril Lavigne


*I couldn't find the specific article in NST >.>*

First of all, I'm not a fan of Avril Lavigne nor do I drool endlessly staring at her or listening to her songs. But I still find this issue of Malaysia banning Avril Lavigne really absurd, and I felt like talking it out here. I've nothing else better to do anyway.

I'm sure most of you would have heard about the punk rock singer being banned from performing here. Well right now they're considering again whether to ban her or not, but yesterday the newspaper had reported that she IS banned. Now they're rethinking about it again. Scared of the people? Should be.

I wouldn't care less who or what party or ministry called for her ban, but whoever and whatever did it, gosh you guys sure are really narrow-minded. As in, friggin' narrow-minded. First of all, one of the reasons you guys wanna ban her is because her date of performance is too near our Independence Day celebrations. Alright fine, just postponed it. You don't have to ban it.

Next, you're saying she's being 'too sexy'. In what sense is she being excessively sexy? Her clothes too many holes? It's transparent? Wearing her panty and bra come out sing? For goodness sake, she's not even going to perform naked or anywhere near being naked! I could even bet my entire current savings that she won't strip naked in the middle of her performance. Lose also nevermind la, I'm getting my pocket money again soon anyway XD She's a singer merely expressing her feelings out through songs. For her case, she prefers punk and rock style. You guys think she's a pornstar is it?

Then you're saying her performance would promote the wrong values to us, the Malaysians, in which the majority of us are youths. What wrong values? You're afraid we youths would all join rock bands and be punk singers with Tomahawk hairstyles and black leather spiked singlets. You're afraid we would all dye our hair pink and go around shouting "LOOK I'M AN AVRIL WANNABE!!!". You're afraid we would simply hold concerts in our neighborhood singing our own renditions of The Best Damn Thing. Or maybe you're afraid we would all turn gloomy, humming When You're Gone to ourselves. I see, so kind of you..

Another thing.. I didn't know there's a rule here stating that performers can't jump, shout, nor kiss and hug people on the stage. Kissing and hugging band members or the audiences cannot do that I understand la, but even jumping and shouting is prohibited? You expect people to spend a hundred or two ringgits buying the tickets to watch performers stand there sing sing then go back? So much for your efforts in promoting tourism in the country.

With all due respect to the Malaysian government, while this may be an Islamic country, if you really are trying to bring unity within its people, at least be more open-minded in how you manage it. That is their culture, and you can't eradicate those so-called 'negative elements' by simply banning people from performing over here. How sad, you're just getting more people against you.

Ban it all you want. People can still listen to her songs and watch her live performance somewhere else. So you still think banning her can stop those 'negative elements' from spreading? Tsk tsk tsk.. Never learn la you people.

My PS skills getting rusty. =P


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"For lunch, it's Orange most of the time."


I just realised today that Edward, Jeevan and me were featured in the college magazine after being interviewed about the food cafes around the college. Yay I'm featured! XD *syok sendiri*

"The cafeteria food wouldn't be that bad to say it sucks, but we still prefer Orange's variety."

Did I really said that? O_o


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sabah trip - Day 7/8


Alas, the last update. Day 7 and 8. =)

We woke up early(well not so early la) in the morning to prepare to go to this place called the Tip of Borneo. It basically a stretch of land emerging out from one side of the island, hence the name. A beautiful place, I must say. =)

Getting ready for the trip.

As their Honda CRV has a bit of braking problem since the trip to Kinabalu Park yesterday, Crystal's mum borrowed a four-wheel drive(Toyota Hilux if I remembered correctly) from their cousin.

Anyhow, the trip's gonna be a long one. Annabel brought along a DVD of High School Musical 2 to watch in the car, and it kept on repeating and repeating and repeating til Jeev and me go "Aww not again??"

Halfway through, we stopped by a town named Kudat to have our lunch there before continuing on our journey.

Nothing too fancy, but okok la the food.

Greenish evil-looking wheatgrass tea. O_o

After lunch we continued our way there. We left Kudat and followed the signboard into an estate area with a loooooooooooooong stretch of rocky roads that caused the car to shake so heavily and making all of our butts pain. == I suppose it's worth it after all.
We're here!

The wind's strong. REALLY STRONG.

Crystal's uncle bringing us to the other side to have a better view.

I was really afraid Annabel would be carried away by the strong wind. XD

Finally something I can hold on to without getting swept off my feet. ==
Two guys who failed to be 'yeng'.

The wind's so strong this poor swallow cant even fly forward.

AWAS MERBAHAYA - Jangan melintas paras ini. =D

Sands flying through the air stained my glasses. T_T

Time to go home..

The trip back with four person cramping behind the seat under the hot sun was really UNCOMFORTABLE!! But it can't be helped. =)

For supper, we went to Yoyo Cafe again to have some iced goodies and to chat a while..

4-colour special toast!

Went back home, play black jack. Loser calls a random person and say I love you. Those who kena now know why la. XD

Day 8.

It's time to go

Hopefully we didn't mess up Jonathan's room

Went for breakfast, Crystal drove us to the airport, then waved us good-bye as we checked in.


Arrived. Waiting to claim our bags.

Btw, a rough idea of what happeend to Vo San and my back.

Vo San's back.

My back.

The whole of my back's skin peeled off during the next few days. >.>

Well, it has been a really intersting trip. a big THANKS to CRYSTAL and her MUM and GRANDMA and UNCLE and JONATHAN and of course, dear ANNABEL. It has been a pleasant trip. Hey lets do this again someday! =D


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sabah trip - Day 6


Day 6, destination Kinabalu Park. =D

It took us around 2-and-a-half hours to reach the park, and the ride's quite.. Well, wild. Her mum's driving. =P

Foggy roads. Love 'em or hate 'em, it's still mystifying. =)

The trees love blocking a nice mountain view. ==

We stopped by this small town to look around for stuffs to buy. Nothing much for now, Vo San and Jeev bought tea bags.

F34/2 U5 1337 w00t!!1!11

We continued our journey up.. And here we are.

I like his style of walking. XD

Penguin. =P *all sunburn's fault*



Ribena plant!..thats what we call it.

Ahh, ini leng chai sikit. XD


Plant with measles. Lol

Ya know, we actually climbed til the top of Mount Kinabalu.. Here's proof.

See? I'm not lying. XD

Cute =D

My brother!

Just before we leave, we replaced some water from the car radiator to avoid it from getting too hot on our way down. Getting water isn't as easy as it looks though.

Poor Vo San.

Feeling hungry, we went inside to eat. We came out quite fast though, food quite expensive.

Then we came to a hotel somewhere here.

No this isn't the hotel.

But it's still nice. =D

Notice the flower on his hair? XD

Some flowers along the way..

Hibiscus! Proud lah a bit, our national flower you know. XD

This isn't actually his pose, but who cares lah? Cool wei. XD

Back to the hotel, waited for dinner..

All hungry..

Bon appetit!

Had some ice cream on our way back *hey why your face always oso got caught in my cam one ah? XD*

To not be so harsh, I shall refer this as sweet-charred-chicken-rear satay. Quite nice lah. =P

I'm sitting alone on the back seat of Crystal's mum's Honda CRV. =DD

From this point on, Jeev's holding my cam. And he took some great pics.

Nice one Jeev. =D

I guess, tomorrow may be my last update bout this trip. Til then. =)