Friday, April 10, 2009

Ex FITM-er : Wee Jay


Introducing the final member in my semester's FITM, Wee Jay! Let's all give him a round of applause. *ahem* Thank you! I syok sendiri. =]

I programmed this shirt with codes so that it looks shiny. It's quite easy to make. It can be a cool jacket, can use for shuffling dances, a torchlight in the dark, can save people's life, can yada yada yada..

When I first met him, I thought he's just another cool, big guy who's trying out his luck on the computing field. He's wears spectacles. He has spiky hairs. He's big. He's cool. So yeah.

Boss in blue. =X

Turned out that I was really wrong though. He may not be as proficient in languages and concepts, but he has a natural talent in understanding and creating programming codes. He's also highly skilled in mathematics, earning him the top spot in mahematics quizzes, tests and exams all the time. I'm so jealous.. Hmmp.

Wait first ah, I roll up my sleeves first..

These are among the skills I can use..

Currently the only fella from my semester who's doing Computer Science with me, I do feel kinda stressed. No, not just because the course itself is hard, but being next to the genius itself is hard! I gotta catch up with his pace.. He's too fast for me. T.T

You know how's a genius' way of studying? Sleep in class!!

Sien la class..



Warning : Am not responsible for any dropping in grades caused by following this guide. =]

Nevertheless, he's still a good friend to have around. He may be a silent person at times, but he, too, could crack technical jokes that would just 'zha' you. A rather funny person. =D

TFK!!! (Taiko Flying Kick) =]

Go arcade play PSP.. =]



And a personal fav.

10-hand Wong 'Tai' Wee Jay =D

That's it for the ExFITM-ers in my semester. I don't have anyone else to blog bout in my semester except for, of course, myself. Perhaps I could blog about the Ex FITM-ers one semester earlier than me. Or maybe I should just blog about random things from now.

I just kinda feel like letting you guys vote again.. Which one do you think I should blog next? Remember though, no one can escape! XD So, you choose. =)



Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ex FITM-er : Sung Ho


At the very least we have more than 10 people who voted for the next person I'm gonna feature soon. So this is YOUR decision, SUNG HO shall be my feature guess for today. ;D

So now, should you be happy or sad that you've been voted? I don't know. You decide. But you're not escaping. >=]

Whenever I see this guy, I always thought of Wee Jay. It quite normal guess, considering that I always see them both almost together all the time. Both of them (and Vo San too) stay under one roof, I guess that's natural. =)

This pic's a double-edge sword ==

Sung Ho's also known as Mr. 7 in my class. Why exactly Mr. 7 I don't remember, but it's still rather funny. And he occasionally orders spermais when he's having lunch with us. =D *put a space between m and a*=D

As a Mr. 7, I must extend my hand like this and look like a 7..

He's tall. *no, seriously*


He also went with us to Genting last year.

*gasps* 15/20 O.o

Fly paper, fly..

I good boy.. help clean rubbish. =D

Nevertheless, he's also one of the best-looking guys in class. At least in my opinion. LOL. Nuu I'm not ghey. =X

All stare at me.. =]

Do you notice something bout most the pics? He's always smiling.

And a lil titbit..

Scary la.. the Indian fella staring behind the pic =X *ngehehehehe*

That's it bout him. The last person, but definitely not least, will be Wee Jay. The pro-programmer. =D