Sunday, April 25, 2010

"You're not an expert yet"


Heyya~ As most of you who frequents this blog have noticed, I went missing again. Sry for that =P

Like everyone else, I'm either too busy attending to my assignments or just too lazy to blog. Or Imight be away at my desktop playing The Last Remnant. It's way too addictive! Especially since I haven't been playing any RPGs for the past few years =/

Anyway, bout a month ago or so, we've been given an assignment to watch 'Hitch' (remember the show where Will Smith plays a love doctor?) and do a review about it. It isn't exactly a very difficult assignment to complete, but it was tricky since we have to comply with some lessons learned in class.

Not that I'm complaining bout it, but when my lecturer checked it, she (expectedly) returned it with lotsa red lines in it and asked me to change them. And this kinda hurts..

"You can't give your own definitions to things cuz you're not an EXPERT!"



Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dad's thumbdrive


Since the past month, dad has been trying to learn to use the computer. Having not trusted technology and being an IT-illiterate himself, his new work has made him to be more aware on the use of computers. So yea, since then he has been trying very hard to learn from me and my sisters.

Though of course, he still has trouble understanding the difference between files and folders, save and save as, enter and backspace, copy-paste and cut-paste, etc as well as having a hard time pinpointing the cursor, highlighting/dragging, and locating folders.

And today? My dad just got a new thumbdrive from his office.

"Hey! I just got a new thumbdrive from the office"

o_o "Wah. How big is it?"

"Neh, as big as my thumb lor."


Sunday, April 4, 2010





Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mum's birthday


Just recently, I ditched Kumaran and the free gym sessions for sinful meals at Taipan's Uno Pizza. Oh well, can't help it since it was my mum's birthday. =P

The best mum in the whole wide world. I lurve you mum!