Saturday, June 27, 2009

Death of a legend


As most of you would have already known, Michael Jackson, aka the King of Pop, had died due to cardiac arrest yesterday (Friday) around 5.20am Malaysian time. I just came to know about it earlier in the morning when I heard about it over in the radio.

I was kinda caught by surprise at first, but come to think of it, I do notice that I've been hearing more and more legends/icons/famous people's death. Not that it's a celebrity death pandemic going on, but it's just a lil something I noticed.

As far as I could remember, the first person whose death I actually pay attention to is wrestler Eddie Guerrero, who died of drug overdose/cardiac arrest. Subsequently, one of his best friends, Chris Benoit, who's also a wrestling veteran, also died.

I also remembered writing up a blog post about former prime minister's wife's death sometime back (in my old blog if I'm not wrong).

Without following the order of dates, there's also the death of one of Animal Planet's cheery animal lover, Steve Irwin, who died after being pierced through the chest from a stingray's tail barb.

And now we have Michael Jackson.

It reminds of just how fragile we are. No matter how well-built or famous a person is, they cannot run away from death. While some fantasy/science-fiction movies may suggest immortality or extending one's lifespan, I doubt they'll be real. Not now, at least.

Ignoring the child molestation charges, suing by various parties, selling of the Neverland ranch, constant hiding, skin bleaching and numerous plastic surgeries, he has undeniably left a mark inside the hearts of millions, perhaps billions, of people all around the world with his songs. Forgive me if I'd entered any inaccurate information for I am not his fan. Nevertheless, he will still remain as the King of Pop in the hearts of many no matter what happens.

My hats off to you.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Playing with turtles


Do you know that turtles are nice to play with? Really. They're really interesting little creatures. Easily recognisable with a big shell behind their back and their super-shy attitude, you could play with them for a whole day and not get bored of it. You could make them move forward 1 step, or maybe 10, even 100 steps (and they're FAST!). You can turn them to face other directions, make them check their surroundings and react accordingly, and many many more. You can even change their colours! And when you're bored of them, you could just kill them. They won't spill blood, don't worry.

Wanna play? Download one here and enjoy!

Warning : You may get overly frustrated when things don't work sometimes though.

I might be getting a lappy soon. Weee~ =]


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

6 directions on my current position


Currently in : Coll's computer lab

On my left : Wee Jay doing his programming exercise via his laptop.
On my right : Andrew headache-ing his pigLatinString java program.
In front of me : A class going on with few students still Facebook-ing.
Behind me : A Korean girl speaking on her phone.
Below me : Andrew's bag and my bag.
Above me : A noisy air-cond.

My screen : ..nothing much.

At least I've gotten a lil more mood this week. Hmm.. Bored. Programming class in 2 hours' time. =/


Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm back, but..


I'm not in the mood for almost anything nowadays. No mood to go class, no mood drive, no mood going online, no mood doing homeworks, assignments, SMSing, etc.

I don't even have to mood to go out yamcha (to those who called me out but I didn't, really sorryyyy guys!).

And I do feel guilty too. Few reasons.



Friday, June 5, 2009

Sick twice in a week



I woke up energised and ready for college. Took my usual biscuit to eat on the way, got ready and drove myself to class. I was fine but I eventually felt weaker and feverish as class progressed. It got worse later on, and it's almost a life gamble trying to manoeuvre (or is it manuevre?) through traffic under the drizzle.

At least I got home safely.


My fever got worse. My whole body's aching and I'm almost lifeless on the bed whole day long.


Finally gotten much better! Now I could walk around without my body muscles tiring out after like 1 second of usage. Am pretty I could get 100% by the next day.


Flu and cough caught up with me. =.= It got so bad my fever's back again. And.. I'm bed-ridden once more.


Though not as feverish as yesterday, I'm still feeling the effects of the sickness. Am still not that fit to go to college yet though. Now? Pondering when I'll get well. Sigh.

p/s - Don't worry it's not a high fever. most probably not H1N1 either. ;) *CHOI*


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

1 event = >5 sick crew members



With at least 5 crew members that have fallen sick after that. And I'm proud to say I'm one of those lucky sick crew members. =D

Okay, perhaps not so lucky. Due to this sickness I've missed few days of classes, few days of Medan foods, Terminator Salvation, and possible an upcoming Shogun buffet lunch too. Darn. I want the last two for now especially. T_T

Anyway, I'm still sick. I don't know what to update now. Am only doing this cuz this blog felt dead. So yeah.

Will upload some of the event pics when I can k?


Have a sudden craving for milk and Honey Stars. *drools*