Friday, July 31, 2009

Craving for..


I suddenly have the craving for burgers again. =/


Will be uploading the Genting trip pics soon after I get pics from both Ju and David. Then only will the post seem more complete.

I got too lazy to take pics with my camera, that's why. =P


Thursday, July 30, 2009

What is 18 plus 1?


Just wanna thank my few friends who spent the night with me and made it memorable:

Vo San
Ju Keat
Yueh Han

Yu Liang


Hsien Yi

Sue Ann

+ many many more who wished me in MSN, SMS and in Facebook =]

Thanks a lot all of you.. The 'present' is bittersweet, but it is indeed memorable. Hearts you guys!

Oh, and this too. Happy birthday Melissa Ong, and happy birthday to me!

TiCs =))


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Directing legend


Yasmin Ahmad, the director behind Sepet, Gubra, Talentime and few other Malaysian movies, plus scenes of various commercial ads that evoke emotions from the public, has passed away last night (25 July 2009).

Sad to say, I don't watch any of her movies. Yet. =/

Just like other icons, though they're gone, their legacy is left behind. Her movies will remain eye-opening, her name will remain legendary among Malaysian directors. Rest in peace ya =/


Saturday, July 25, 2009



The last time it happened, only one of you remembered.

When it comes again soon, will it be any different?


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Heyy" vs. "Hi"


This idea popped up in my head suddenly.

What is your reply when people pop up a chat message with you online? It doesn't matter which instant messaging softwares you use (MSN, Yahoo!, Skype, Google Talk, ICQ, IRC etc.), even in games when you play with other people. Just what would your written reply be (the same if you were to start up a chat with someone)?

A formal "Hello"?
An intimate "Harlow"?

A casual "Hey"?

A friendly "Heyya"?

A hippy "Yo"?
Or just a simplistic "Hi"?

My personal reply depends on my mood. However, though, I use "Heyy" most of the time. So I felt like contrasting the use of "Heyy" and "Hi", in my opinion at least. =)

If I were to go back in time, my reply varies according to my circle of influence. Of course, I'm quite sure I used to "Hi" when I first ventured into the cyberworld. As I met more people online, the way I talk (or in this case, type) changed gradually. Right now, I usually go "Heyy". For a good reason.

I find it less appealing to use "Hi" cuz, well, it sounded very dull as compared to the other forms of greetings (unless of course, I'm in a very dull mood at the moment). Imagine someone coming up to you with a friendly "Yo!" and you reply with a dull "Hi". In other words..

I'M A VERY FRIENDLY FELLA n I LOVE TO TALK =)) [<3 mua babeh muaxx] says:
im bored says:

See the difference? An expressive statement countered by a dull one. Not that I'm condemning the use of a simple "Hi", but I felt that an overuse of it make the person seem not so bersemangat (not enthusiastic). After all, the way you type out your words determines how you're 'speaking' in the virtual world. As an example:

can be modified into:

Hi =D


Notice the great impact it'll give your words just by adding a few dots or an emoticon to it, or even extending it by a few characters? Imagine how it could affect the whole sentence.

Hi can you help me do a survey?
and also

Hiii can you help me do a survey?
can you help me do a survey?

Hi =D
can you help me do a survey?

can you help me do a survey?

Which of the ones mentioned above you think sounds the most enthusiatic?

I still prefer my "Heyy". I guess I could consider it a tribute to my onee-chan, Arigatou Aishite (her net name), who actually influenced me enough to use it. Though she might not know I still remember her.. I don't know.

I miss you ne. =)


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bon Odori, a sort-of reminiscence of the past


Ever heard of Bon Odori? It is basically a Japanese festival and it is held annually at Shah Alam, Selangor and in Penang. For more info, click HERE. =)

This is my first time attending the festival since I heard bout it when I was in Form 2. So yea, less talk, more pics please =)

View from the side

See the tiny little balloon in the sky?

These two poor Japanese kids has all the attention there =]

While I'm happy to be there, Bon Odori reminded me of the past.

I miss you, and you.. *sigh*


SEGi Revolution P.A.R.T.Y


I just came back from Bon Odori earlier.. But guess I'll upload pics of yesterday's Revolution event first. =]

What can I say? SEGi college Kota Damansara (and of course SEGi SJ too, thanks mel =)) hosted the rEVOLution event at, well, SEGi College Kota Damansara yesterday.

As usual, there were refreshments and worship. Pastor Kenneth preached a powerful message! For more info, click HERE for Fee Vien's blogs bout it. ;)

(From left) Felyn,Fee Vien, Melissa, Su Ann, Su Chen, Zekey

Will be uploading Bon Odori pics by tomorrow or so. =D


Thursday, July 16, 2009

BITC sem 1 over~


It's as described by the title. =]

Went to watch Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince with few of my coursemates in Cineleisure earlier.. Shall let the pics do the talking. Lazy to write so much today. =]

May Yi's - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Edric's

May Yi: Say cheeeeeezeee!
Edric: X]

After lunch..

Waiting the girls finish their shopping..

Guess what's inside the packet? =P

I see a black 'bird' circling the couple O.o

Whie Ju din pose.. T.T

(Driver of the day) Ju: Hmph. =/

Can't wait for the coming outings. =]


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Math and Science blues, again..


First of all, I applaud the Ministry of Education for (finally, after a friggin' long time) deciding on which language Mathematics and Science will be taught on. But you'll have to ruin the applause by saying it's gonna revert back to Bahasa Malaysia.

For your information, I'm the first batch if students learning Maths and Science in English since it's introduction 2003. The transition had indeed given me a hard time to cope as I'm not good in English at that time. And nope, my English didn't improve due to the switch, but from fanfictions reading/writing which I took up later on.

Even if it were to remain in BM, it won't necessarily mean I'll be better in it, nor will I use it more often in my daily conversations. Even if we're forced to 'speak' Maths and Science in BM, at most we'll just mention the terms in BM, and then revert back to the language we're comfortable speaking in; English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkien , Tamil, Hindi, Japanese Korean Indonesian you name it. Tell me, how can 'national unity' be enforced this way?

Didn't anyone realise we're so good at rojak-ing? I find it more of a pride than a disgrace of languages, as it defines who we truly are. Yes I'm proud of rojak-ing. Has it eroded my grasp of languages? No. But hey, that's not the main point here.

I hear that some parties argue that Mathematics and Science being taught in English is harder to understand and thus, the reason many students fail in their tests and examinations. I also hear something like this: "When teachers teach these subjects in English, students cannot understand and concentrate, so they sleep in class." If they teach in BM but if students still don't understand it, would they still be awake too? You guys jduge.

Now now, I'm sure my batch has also experienced problems such as teachers who are unable to teach properly in English. While it is true that we might not learn much (or should I say, properly) from them, a student who really wishes to learn do not get their knowledge solely on the teachers alone, but they find their resources elsewhere too. Rather than listening alone, they will 'help out' during the lessons, pointing out the errors and such.

There's nothing embarrassing to have students correct teachers, because no one's perfect. My Physics teacher previously struggles with English sentences during her lessons, often spitting out sentences with missing 'is', going "What the measurement of vernier clip..", "What the result you all get ah?" Laugh, but remember we have our own weaknesses as well.

Ask any students my age "Do you find learning Maths and Science in English helpful in college/university life?" and you'll find that most of the answers are yes. Obviously. All the terms we learn here are in English. Perhaps other government universities or matriculation centres had it in BM, I don't know. However, it would be easier for us to go further with a strong grasp in English (the terms at least). I'm having a headache right now so I can't think of the right words but anyway I meant it benefits us in the long run, in the futuristic view.

After more than six years of using us as guinea pigs (which, thankfully, beared fruits for me), I really wonder if they gathered statistics fully from ALL of us. If they're not listening to the voice of the people, I wonder whose voice do they listen to then.

I have no power by myself, but I do hope we can have our children learning Mathematics and Science in English too. Not to 'erode national unity', but for their future's sake.

This is my generation, and this is OUR voices.