Sunday, January 17, 2010



It's ironic to have a heartbroken post right after its happier counterpart. Yea me and Rachel are no longer together.

Not happy with the -guy- who indirectly caused this.

Around a month ago, I was convinced that I've found the right girl for me, one that will stay together for a long time. One that has convinced me enough to be able to stay that long. I was convinced that her past will not repeat itself..

At least, not on us.

Barely a month together, you started having doubts over our relationship. Right after this -guy- shared something that stirred your heart, you started ignoring my messages with all kinds of excuses intolerable to a couple. You don't check your phone when I messaged you? That just means you don't even care if your boyfriend tried to reach you, do you?

I tried to convince myself again and again the situation is not as bad as I thought. I continued trying to reach you, even when you responded to just a tenth of it. Even those replies, I can feel they are made just out of 'giving me face and reply'.

You asked for time and space to think. I did.

And then you finally said you wanna be single again just because you felt you're so flower-hearted? I told you before I wouldn't mind that, but you just won't forgive yourself right? You just feel so bad, so guilty, you just wanna be single again. Okay then, since you tell it to me I respect your decision. Sure I'm disappointed with you, but I won't go around nagging you for breaking up with me. It's your decision after all.

Now that we're done, I'm sure the happiest guy now would be Vincent. Congrats! Now go do what you want with her. I wouldn't care less. If you get her, congrats again! And you better not be using God's name just to be with her.

If within this short period of time, Rachel, you got another bf, it would solidify the fact that you broke up with me just because you lose interest in me. Then again, it wouldn't matter anymore will it?

Go on with your life, get more mature and stop feeling guilty over your past. Do that while I sit here and take a few weeks to try and forget bout you. It's harder for me to forget about you than you forget about me.

Hopefully, we'll still keep in touch as friends. And thank you for the sweet (though barely a month) moment we spent together. *forces a smile*


Sunday, January 3, 2010

<3 Rachel <3


Hsien was pestering me to update, so yeah. Here's one. =P

My holidays so far can be described in one sentence.. It's the same as the previous holidays! Made holiday resolutions, hardly anything done. All I could do is just sit in front of my laptop, fb-ing away or playing games occasionally. I wanna watch my movies and animes but I always got dragged to do other stuffs. XD

Seriously, I need to do something beneficial. *sigh*

Holiday's ending in a lil more than a week, and work's starting this monday. Network support shouldn't be too much of a job, or hopefully it's just nice to make the work worth working (by worth working I don't exactly means idling in there all day long).

School fees haven't pay. =/

Gotta apply scholarship again. =/

Gonna start lessons again soon. =/

Windows 7 still havent install. =/

I miss her. =(

Most of you might have already known, but yeah, I've got a new sweetheart by the name of Rachel. She's actually my first real love, and she's a Christian (yay!!), and she's not as (a lil too) young compared to my ex. And I'm happy! Ever since the previous incident I prayed to find someone like her.. And I found Rachel.

Thank you God <33

Ain't kiddy love anymore.. Will appreciate her and make every moment with her precious. Right now she's on the way back from Singapore, should be arriving in a few more hours' time.. I'm missing her already. ><

Why can't you understand the fact that I'm Rachel's bf? Leave her alone please ==

Oh well.. hopefully she gets back safely. Looking forward to our next outing!

<3 Rachel <3