Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Deja vu?


She (you know who) has a new bf now. Barely 2 weeks after we broke up. Apparently she never learns how to appreciate what she had.

It's alrite, I'm having fun watching how the -shameless third party guy- trying desperately to get her. Sometimes its really just so funny. Haha! About why I say he's shameless? This is what he admitted himself:

"jason:even im in 3 party then so wat??even in 2nd party oso not important...more important that is you hv to care that person not to salahkan her,am i rite??position is nt importnt noe what is TRUE LOVE stand for???"

You judge.

I'm not entirely against him 'lecturing' me about love (which I doubt he even understands it) and third party second party all those stuffs, but I really don't appreciate the fact that he kept using God's name to back his so-called TRUE LOVE. The way I see it now, it's permissible by God (according to him) to interrupt and cause tension in other people's relationships. Please tell me if I'm wrong.

But come to think of it.. Everything that has happened, is a deja vu of my past.. Everything that has happened, hit me back, harder each time. That's what making me stronger each time I face a problem. I'm trying to be optimistic when the people around me are being pessimistic. I try to comfort, to encourage, to support. I may be standing now but sometimes, I need a shoulder to lean on too..

Sometimes, I just wish I can sit down face-to-face with someone I'm really close to and just tell them my feelings.

I'm just so predictable, ain't I?