Sunday, November 30, 2008

Exam again!


10 hours more and my first final exam of this semester will start! Not that I'm overly worried bout it but I do have this kinda weird feeling whenever an exam draws close, which I hate. Anyway, who on earth actually LIKES exams?? And please don't go around searching for people who do just to prove me wrong, cuz I won't reward ya. ;)

I have my stack of Maths books ready in front of me, my brain ready to re-memorise some equations that I've learned but long-forgotten. Before that, I just felt the urge to update a bit. Nothing much, but I just wanna complain(nono, not that bad la XD) bout something that has happened yesterday.

For an ice-breaker session in the youth service yesterday, Pastor Alvin asked us to create an original game within our predetermined group, complete with its own rules. I used back the game that I've played with my friends last time, and introduced it in our group. And there's this girl from my group that kept on blasting at me telling me my game's not an original because I've played it before with my friends. I got tired of arguing that it IS indeed an original, so I'm not gonna say anymore.

Yes Khor Wen Li, I mean you! But don't worry, I'm not angry whatsover. The argument's actually pretty fun! ;D

Exam's starting tomorrow, so I'll be heading back to my book now. Guys don't cheat in exam ya?

I can see you're very excited bout tomorrow. ^^


Thursday, November 27, 2008



Once again. =)

The age you'll be on your next birthday= 19

Place you want to travel to= Japan?
Your favorite place= Don't have a favourite one at the moment.. All's the same.
Your favorite food= Spaghetti, sushi? Mum-cooked foods!
Your favorite pet= Fifi, my doggie.
Favorite color combination= Glossed purple. My car colour in NFS : Carbon. =D
Favorite piece of clothing= Which piece?
Your all time favorite song= Japanese songs.. Sometimes English. Currently? HSM3's Now or Never~

Favorite TV shows= J-drama ya? 1 litre of tears. Tear-jerker, but nevertheless beautiful. =)
First name of your significant other/crush= Melissa. Significant other, okay. =)
Which town do you live in= Subang Jaya lor.
Your screen name/nickname= Zephyrus
Your first job= I don't have a job before actually.
Your dream job= Any job that I could earn big money and spend time with family. ^^
One bad habit that you have= Uhm. I duwan tell. =P
Worst fear= A sour and fragile relationship. =<
Things you'd like to do before you die= Tell you guys I LOVE U >.>
The 1st thing you'll buy if you get $1,000,000= Donate all to charity. Muahahahahahaha! Okay I'm not so kind-hearted la =.=

I'm not tagging anybody. Hee =)

Next stage is on 1st December. Can you wait til then? ^^


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A lunchbox


This morning, I woke up half an hour later than usual. I would be late for the first class anyway, I thought, so I continued sleeping for a few moments more before finally deciding to head to the bathroom for a good teeth-brushing and a shower.

Wednesday isn't always the type of day I'm looking forward for due to it's long class schedule, and today's no different. Knowing that I've missed the first Mathematics class and the exam tips is bad enough. To make things worse, we're gonna have our Design Studies test today. Well it's not that bad actually, but the word 'test' still makes me shudder a bit.

My mum told me already she'll be off at 3k with my elder sister for a swim by the time I'm awake. So I was thinking like, where am I gonna get my breakfast and lunch later? Nevermind, perhaps a couple of biscuits and a packet of milk will do..

After I wiped myself clean and gelled my hair, I put on my necklace and wallet and handphone, carried my sling bag and went downstairs. As I went t0 the kitchen to fill up my water bottle, a familiar lunchbox greeted me with a small note attached to it.


For u to bring to college for lunch.

This is not the first time she has prepared lunch for me, but seeing this somehow made me ponder.. How long can I still have my mum prepare lunch for me like that? The semi-transparent lunchbox and a small piece of note, I could feel the love my mum poured in when she prepared it for me. And it is these things that many people, myself included, often take for granted. Such a simple thing, yet so beautiful.

The egg sandwich inside is lovely. =)


Friday, November 21, 2008

"To hell with assignments^^"


This week has been one of the most tiring weeks ever, with THREE assignment due dates in ONE single week. Well it's not like I didn't do them at all. I did, but I still feel the stress ya know?

But it's over~~!! XD

It may not be the end of the exam week yet, but at least one of the hardest weeks have passed. Anyway I'm happy, and so are everyone.

Jeev, borrow your quote ya?

"To hell with assignments^^"

Now I wanna watch my Taiyou no Uta. ^^

I'll put in the effort. U too kay..?


Friday, November 14, 2008

Quantum of Dissapointment


Omigoodness it has been almost a month since I last updated!! == Sorry guys, to any of you still keeping on track with this blog. I'm not gonna declare this blog dead anytime soon, but right now I'm once again in the midst of the busy season, when all assignment due dates and exams closes in.

I do envy some of my friends though, who could continue blogging as usual no matter how busy they are. Oh I wish I still have the blogging mood that I used to have. XD

My semester break should start on 13th December or so after the exams, and I should have more free time again! ..or is it?

Since it has been such a looooooong time since my classmates and I went to catch a movie together, we decided to after English class today. Quantum of Solace was our choice, but the action was not worth the anticipation. Very disappointing. =/

Not recommended if you're expecting much.

Hopefully I would have the mood to update again soon.. Til then. =D

Can we last til then, the first obstacle? =)