Saturday, May 23, 2009

Teacher's Day reminiscence - Outstanding teachers


Just felt like posting up pics of some of the outstanding teachers during my secondary school year time. =)

Pn. Ameza - Class / Modern Maths teacher

One of the most timid teacher's I've ever had, Pn. Ameza's both my class teacher and Modern Maths teacher of class 06/07. In fact, I've come to know her since Form 1, as she, too, teaches us basic Maths since then.

She's one of the friendliest teacher around, and her patience in handling our wild 5 Utarid class deserves a recognition. By us at least. =)

She's fun to be with, very bubbly, and dedicated in her work. I'm very sure most of us in the class loves her. =D

Pn Ruzina - Bahasa Malaysia teacher

Pn. Ruzina is perhaps the teacher that possess the most motherly quality. She, too, patiently guides us through the complex Bahasa Malaysia grammars, correcting every single mistakes that we make. As a result, most of us managed to score our Bahasa Malaysia papers, all thanks to her dedication and hard work.

This happened durng exam time.. *dang*

Pn. Maslinda - English teacher

Undeniably the most sporting teacher to ever teach us, Pn. Maslinda's a very straightforward person who will speak her mind out and no one shall stop her from doing it. Aggressive yet sporting, she's one of those teachers who you'll either love or loathe, depending on which side she shows to you most. She's our English teacher, and you could expect shoutings most, if not all, of the time.

Her famous quote: "Rule 1, Pn. Maslinda is always right. Rule 2, if she's ever wrong, REFER back to Rule 1."

Pn. Rohana - Discipline / Physics teacher

Let's be frank and neutral. A LOT of students hate her. The simple reason: She's the school's discipline teacher. Normal lah. =]

Though as aggressive as Pn. Maslinda, she's not too well-received by the class perhaps due to the way she conducts the class. I will not elaborate much on that here.

Nevertheless, she's my boss (I'm a prefect ma ==) too. On a lighter note, only few of us saw her softer side. Perhaps.. that's why that 'us' could get along with her. =)

Pn. Banon - Current Senior Assistant

Pn. Banon's pretty much the combination of everyone above. Though she doesn't personally teach our class, we're still pretty much attached to her due to her involvement in the disciplinary board in the past.

She's as aggressive as she is passive, as strict as she is gentle, as big as she is small. We love her. =)

En. Shahrin - Discipline teacher

Ask anyone in the school which teacher they fear most and most probably you'll receive "En. Shahrin" as the answer. In the school, he is as strict as a solid steel bar; hard to bend, and hurts if hit.

Outside the school? It's a whole different story.

Sing with me! 1 2 3 4~

If our school and country permits use of torture during interrogations, he could easily be the head of it. =]

En. Abdul Aziz - Scouts teacher

En. Abdul Aziz is perhaps the teacher I respect the most. Though he did not presonally teach me anything in the class, he's my Scouts teacher. And gosh he's just so patient.. Since the Scouts troop in our school is highly immobile due to lack of leadership, he's really trying his best to bring it up to the state level. And with me as the president of the club.. I just feel hopeless. Cuz I know nothing bout Scouts. =/

This may sound gay, but I actually miss him. As my teacher. XD

Tuition teachers

Pn. Leong - Physics teacher

During the period of year 2006/2007, Pn. Leong was my Physics tuition teacher. She's perhaps the most prominent among the other two tuition teachers at that time (Add Math and Chemistry), most probably due to the personal and undivided attention that she gave to us. Her class was always filled with nifty gadgets and experiments rather than focusing on theories alone.

And among the two other tuitions I mentioned earlier, I'd only managed to make friends in her class. Julian, Samantha, Caleb, Yet Han, Woan Jen, and few more.. =)

Mr. Muniandy - Tuition teacher since Standard 1

*no pics LOL*

Take note: He's my tuition teacher since Standard 1. =D That sure is a long time eh.

I remember him most for the advices he always give us.. and he's always correcting every small mistakes that we make. Our handwriting, our behaviours in class, our methods of learning.. All these small little things that impact our lives later on. His classes never feel like a cage. It is always our home.

He'll difinitely be a teacher that I'll never forget. =)

I think that's pretty much all. This post is.. long. ==


Friday, May 22, 2009



Sometime back, she questioned that how can someone leave her after giving her feelings like that. And then she got together with him, a sweet underground duo as they can be, and yet after some time she left him.

It felt like a deja vu, but on the other side of the party. The reverse. An irony.

He felt like he was being used. Perhaps that's just his own thoughts.

"Get over it dammit"


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A scene in programming class


Something funny (or lame, I don't know =] ) happened during the Principles of Programming class today. The following scene is as described by Yu Liang..

WALK FOR THE CHILDREN º^|¥ù£Ïäñg™®©|^º says:

*Andrew was just called to answer a question. After he's done..*

lecturer: andrew call a number
Andrew: 26
edward: wth...nono...zomg!!
lecturer: ooh...36...
kumar: @@
Edward: yay!!!

lecturer: kumar,explain to class..
kumar: idk
lecturer: pick a number..
kumar: 17
yuliang: wtf...n walk out to tembak..dunno wert he explaining also..pick a number..errr...41..
lecturer: juz say anything..bluff also nvm..okay...correct..u can go back..YOU(kumar) stays..n explain..if dunno then chose a number..
kumar: last number
zul: wtf..walks out n explain..
lecturer: okay..u go back..YOU(Kumar) stays n explain!!
kumar: explain with confidence..
lecturer: whie the answer is no?he tell kumar ask the class..
kumar: arr..whis is it no?

yuliang: coz its not yes..

lecturer n the whole class: zhadou ==

~[(F)]≈[+] » Žępĥỹřűş « [+]≈[(#)]~ [BERJALANLAH DEMI KANAK-KANAK KESIAN =D ] says:

~[(F)]≈[+] » Žępĥỹřűş « [+]≈[(#)]~ [BERJALANLAH DEMI KANAK-KANAK KESIAN =D ] says:

WALK FOR THE CHILDREN º^|¥ù£Ïäñg™®©|^º says:

~[(F)]≈[+] » Žępĥỹřűş « [+]≈[(#)]~ [BERJALANLAH DEMI KANAK-KANAK KESIAN =D ] says:

You might have a good laugh if you're in the class. =]


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Teacher's Day reminiscence - 2 years ago


Teacher's Day was yesterday! And I felt bad for posting something about them a day late. T_T though its not like I MUST update something bout that. It's just an obligation Oh well.

Thinking back, I do have some really good teachers who had done so much to shape me into who I am today. Yeap, I AM close with many many teachers especially during secondary school days, but only a handful among them are the closest to me. They are more like a friend to me than teachers who just lecture in front and ignore everything else. In short, I just love my teachers! Though not everyone does. =]

Without further cliches, let's take a look back at my school's Teacher's Day celebration 2 years ago. I just happened to come across these in my photo album and as usual, nostalgia kicks in. =P

Farah and me, emcees of the day. =)

Look, so many gifts for them!

Even a cake for them too!

Shortly after, the event begins!

The waving lady's my school's then headmistress.

Teachers taking their oath.

The happenings..

See? We're so serious in our work. Either that or I dozed off. XD

Indian dance =]

The teacher in the centre is the Senior Assistant in the school.. The rest are my juniors (all except 2). I miss each and every one of them. =(

I actually sang on this day.. But I've decided not to upload it. It's not just embarassing, it's gonna super bore you! And you wouldn't understand what I sang anyway. =P


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Walk for the Children header


After almost 3 hours of planning and futile implementation, the header's finally done.

*stares at header*

Messy. Pictures don't match. A little too crowded. Informations are not complete. Now it seemed like the event is free, for all.

Remember ah, registration fee is RM10! I just don't know how to put it in. =/




Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Go with the flow


As of late, I've been wondering about what qualities do I still lack in trying to be a better person. No doubt, I'm not the wisest person around, nor am I the smartest. This year in particular though, I've been trying to figure out what brings out the charm in everyone (read: myself, mostly). There have been few times that I felt like I'm in the top of the world, but to date, it's mostly overconfidence and false hopes.

How often do you have a skyrocketed relationship and one that also comes crashing down just as fast? =P

Am I mature? Perhaps. I do seem to handle lots of things in a steady manner nowadays, compared to my reckless style last time. Since that incident a year ago, I've grown more patient and optimistic towards any problems I face now. Maybe I'm heading into the right direction here.

But.. Am I ever natural enough? I used to think so, but I'm already starting to doubt myself about this recently. I've been planning too much for my life, too obsessed with perfection in everything. I hold on to this saying, "Being perfect is a curse", and yet I've been trying to become one without me realising it. The happiness I've been trying to pursue is slowly turning into a perfection, a curse.

Oh gosh, why didn't I realise this sooner.. Chances have slipped away from my hand time after time, all mainly because of my excessive plannings.

Thanks for pointing it out Cindy.. I might not have realised this if you didn't tell me about it.

The timing is different for everyone.. I might just be earlier than you, but it doesn't mean I'm any better. Go with the flow.. I thought that I wouldn't be having -one- til at least another year but voila! Just a short one month and it happened. So sudden and yet natural, and I'm liking every moment of it. Like he said..
I could just kiss you all day long. Quote not by me. =)

God must have a plan for all this, I believe. It may, after all, turn out to be a blessing in disguise. =)


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Crash Test Mummy Appreciation Day


aka Mummy's Day. Have you dedicated today specially to her? =)

To celebrate today, we took her for dinner at Taipan's Daorae - Korean BBQ! Haven't actually tried the food there before, so my sister suggested that we go there for dinner.

This one, this one, and thaaaat one!

You could see from the pic that the sun's shining directly onto our seat. The place was hot, air-conds ain't turned on earlier, and we're barbeque-ing things right in front of us. It's hot. HOT!

My sis and her bf

My two sisters

Turn the air-cond on.. It's HOT here!

And of course, the main guest today..

Pork? Beef? Chicken?? O.o

My beloved mummy. =D

And then came the food.


Makan makan!

Nothing much to comment bout the food.. If you like Korean food, then you might like it here. I find the taste is not worth the price, but it's just nice if you're eating it just for the sake of trying it.


Expensive le..

Wait ah, I call my bank see got enough money onot..

Anyways, whatever the price and taste, today is dedicated to our long-lasting crash test mummy. Though I do not have much to give to you yet, I hope this blog post is sufficient, for you.

Happy Mummy's Day, mummy dear. =) *kiss*


Blog post #101 - Walk for the Children announcement


I have been a very bad guy as of late.. In both good and a bad way. For instance, I haven't been updating anyway for almost a month along already. And I didn't update the things that you guys voted for. My bad, I'm sorry. =P

I mean, really. For the past month that I've been absent, I've been real busy with college stuffs, mostly. Of course some life stuffs do interfere too..

Anyways, right now my mid-term break has just STARTED! If you felt like going anything, do call me along k? It can get pretty boring here being holed up in home. =)

One short month, and yet so many things had happened.. Some good things. A couple of bad stuffs. Stress, confusion, nostalgia, bittersweet (though more to sweet =) ) moments all blended together within an almost 30-day period.

For a moment, let's forget about the past. Currently I'm involved in a Moral Studies project in which we are organising a fund-raising event for the children of Harvest Centre (resources will be channeled mainly to their education). We could just do a simple community service and get high marks for our so-called assignment there, but we're risking it all in this event. The details?

Event: Charity Walk Sunway 2009 " Walk for the Children".
Venue: Field of Sunway University
Time: 7am - 1230pm
Date: Saturday, 30th May 2009.

Participating fee: RM10 (include tshirt + goodie bag)

Activities: Performances(Hip Hop, Breakdance, Cheerleading & Special Performance by Harvest Center children) and Lucky Draw.

Contact: 012-9744 225 (Christina)

Of course, organising an event wouldn't be easy with us newbies doing it. Good thing we do have a team of dedicated people working on it, pushing their own limits though none of us (I think) have done this before. Not a large-scale event, at least.

Stress is guaranteed, scoldings are to be received, and eyebrows have definitely been raised. Tension are rising everywhere. None of us here like the discomfort anymore than anyone else feeling it does. Not too sure bout the others, but I'm confident it'll benefit us, one way or the other.

Nevertheless, it has started, and it will be done. Fellow Moral Studies student of School of Computer Technology and School of Business and Law, reach our target goal or not, let's be proud of what we've all achieved then, k? Work hard guys!! =)



Contact me or Christina (012-9744 225) or Annie (017-6633 076) for more details. See you guys there. =D

Additional publicity:

R.AGE: Campus Events