Thursday, June 24, 2010

Back from a month of stress


Hey peeps! Am back for a short update since I don't really have much time (nor mood) to blog much nowadays. I'm just lazy that's all =) though shutting down this blog is still far away from my thoughts. Probably won't happen. Hopefully.

Anyways yea, I'm back from a month+ of stress. Being students, stress is definitely not something new. It's old. In fact, it's soooooooooooooooooo OLD you don't wanna see it in the face anymore (if it even has one).

A presentation of mine during Communication Skills caused one of my friend to cry. ._."

This is a sample of stuffs I noted to myself for a week, right before submission for the Object Oriented Programming and Expert Systems subject:

Mon- read bk OOP n ES assignment
Tue- Do assessment, start OOP (recheck classes), ES
Wed- Separating the codes into different classes
Thu- Create bg for OOP
Fri- Filling in components for game, research earthquake detection system
Sat- Download midi-wav converter, making the game work
Sun- Add start/pause, add sounds, do javadoc comments n generate its html file, UML diagram, do ES report
Mon- Print ES report, burn OOP codes into cd

And this was just.. a snippet for the whole week of work.

My busiest semester to date ._.